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We offer several service options to fit your budget and since the law requires an independent third party to serve as an inspector of election, why not trust your ballot with the Bellwether's expert team with over 30 years of experience!

Natalie Trost

Natalie Trost

Natalie Trost has 20 years of experience in commercial banking, including leading a team of 26 special asset managers. Natalie has also worked for United States Department of Commerce gathering economic data for determining the U.S. labor force and unemployment rates. Natalie was elected to a large-scale association and served as President during her term. When not serving on the board she volunteered as inspector of elections for her association and ensured the association followed the current laws and the elections were fair and impartial.  Natalie is a member of CAI (Community Association’s Institute). Her prior experience as a small business special asset manager and auditor gave her valuable experience in data integrity and risk mitigation.

Melissa Bell

Melissa Bell, CCAM-Emeritus

Melissa Bell worked as executive association manager and has 16 years of industry experience managing large-scale, portfolio and CID’s.  A certified community manager with CACM (California Association of Community Managers) and designation of CAMEx (Community Association Manager, Executive).  Obtained Large Scale Specialty Certification and was honored with the esteemed President’s award from CACM.  Melissa was elected to the CACM board of directors and served a 3-year term.  She worked with the CACM Ethics Committee to develop training modules for managers.  Melissa has been involved with a multitude of complex elections including delegate voting and recalls.