Standard Election Services:

  • Review of Governing Document and/or Election Rules

  • Receive ballots/track quorum

  • Meeting attendance to open and tabulate ballots

  • Certify results of ballots

  • Store election material for 12 months

  • Election updates as requested

Full Service
The following includes Standard Election Services in addition to the following:

  • Timeline Calendar

  • Prepare Election Package:

    • Notice of Meeting

    • Agenda

    • Balloting instructions

    • Ballot

    • Inner Envelope

    • Outer Envelope

    • Submitted candidate statements or other documentation depending on election type

    • Other as requested

  • Mailing of election material

Additional OPTIONS:

  • Prepare and mail Candidate Solicitation

  • Voting Reminder Solicitation

  • Meeting check-in

  • Election result notification to membership

  • Election materials returned after storage period